Saturday, November 19, 2011


The movements of 'OCCUPY WALL STREET' & 'THE TEA PARTY' have much in common, and are sort of 'mirror' images.....The Tea Party is a conglomerate of persons who have modeled themselves as similar in agenda as the original Boston Tea Party but they have forgotten the other important aspect of those days: THE BOSTON MASSACRE.... The Occupy Wall Street is also a mish-mash and mixed gathering of persons, also classified as 'riffraff', hippies, leftists, anarchists, and the like and they have also caused much more controversay than the Tea Party which has lost its steam for the most part..... As regards the police actions taking place around the US in cities and towns, it has been somewhat violent but no one has been shot by the police, and so no 'massacre' has yet occured....and the 'power possessors' who direct and utilize the police,etc. are trying to avoid using live ammunition to quell the shouting crowds that disrupt the 'corporate' safety and security and keep them running as usual.....ostensibly to maintain 'peace and order' and 'public safety' even if it is the public that wants to shut down Wall Street and its links and offshoots.... But other methods used by police can cause, and sometimes do,various injuries,etc. Even so, the 'power possessors' do not want to have a massacre as yet because they know that if such occurs in all the cities and towns where these 'mobs','groups','protestors' etc. gather, it will lead to possible 'revolution' and more intense riots than this country has experienced since Viet Nam and Civil Rights Days.....

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